Hand, Hand Partner & Hand Saudi  Cheat, APK MOD

Hand, Hand Partner & Hand Saudi Cheat, APK MOD

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Hand, Hand Partner & Hand Saudi Cheat an Overview

Hand, Hand Partner & Hand Saudi APK MOD

Hand, Hand Partner & Hand Saudi Cheat

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Hand Rules

Hand is non-partnership game played with 2-5 players, 2 sets of cards with 2 jokers (106 playing cards). Dealing and playing are counter-clockwise. Each player’s mission is to meld all his cards or add cards to existing melds.

Cards and Dealing

Each player is dealt 14 cards, an extra card is dealt to the player on the dealer’s right, and the rest of the cards are placed facing-down in the center of the table, this pile is called the stock pile.


* The player who has 15 cards starts the game by discarding a card to the “discarded pile” in the middle of the table. The turn then passes anti-clockwise, each player having the option to either draw a card from the stock pile, or pick the last card from the discarded pile. In both cases each player should discard a card to the discarded pile to indicate the end of their turn.

* If the player decided to pick a card from the discarded pile, they are obliged to meld using this card before discarding another card (see the “Melding and Adding Cards to Existing Melds” section below).

* The round ends when one player melds all their cards. Each game consists of 5 rounds.
Melding and Adding Cards to Existing Melds

* The player is allowed to make the following melds: sequential cards of the same suit, or the different suits of the same card. A meld has to have a minimum of 3 cards and a maximum of 5. A Joker can be used as a wildcard to replace any card the player doesn’t have.

* The sum of cards in a player’s meld must be at least 51 when melding for the first time. After the first meld, the player can meld with no restrictions.

* After the first meld, the player can also add cards to existing melds freely.

* If a sequential meld contains a Joker, and one of the players holds the card the Joker is used to replace, the player is allowed to take the Joker in exchange for that card. In the case of a Joker and 2 cards of the same ranks and different suits, the Joker is considered a replacement for the 2 other cards and a player needs to have those cards to get the Joker.

* When calculating the sum of melds, a Joker is equivalent to the card it replaces and an ace is equivalent to 11, unless used in a series of A-2-3, in which case it is equivalent to 1.


* The winner of the round is the first player who’s out of cards and is given a score of -30, the rest of the players have their cards added to their score (11 for each Ace, 15 for each Joker, and 10 for each J, Q, or K). 100 points are added to the score of any players who did not meld.

* If a player melds all of their cards without adding any card to existing melds, this is considered a “hand” and is calculated as -60. Players get double the value of their cards and 200 points are added to the score of any players who did not meld.

* The winner of the game is the player with the lowest score at the end of the 5 rounds.

Other Types of Hand

* Hand Partner

* Hand Saudi

App Information of Hand, Hand Partner & Hand Saudi

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Package Name com.jawaker.hand
Rating ( 513 )
Installs 100,000+
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